SCA COVID-19 Task Force Vaccine Update

The Sun City Anthem Covid-19 Task Force is pleased to announce that Sun City Anthem will be a Point of Dispensing (POD) for the Covid-19 Vaccine and that COVID-19 vaccine appointment registration is now open!

Sun City Anthem, in partnership with the Southern Nevada Health District and the City of Henderson, today announced that free COVID-19 vaccinations will begin for ages 70 years old and up. Vaccinations will be given by appointment only and administered at Anthem Center, 2450 Hampton Rd., in Henderson.

Appointments will be scheduled for 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, January 25-February 13, 2021.

The vaccinations will be the first of a two-dose regimen. Information regarding scheduling the second dose will be provided to the recipients during the first appointment.

To schedule an appointment, please click here

Vaccine is based on availability and schedule is subject to change. We anticipate appointments to fill up fast so please book as soon as possible.  

For more information on the Tiers and Lane system, please refer to the Nevada COVID-19 Vaccine Playbook.

Membership dues for 2021

* The Tennis Club Board voted to waive Club dues for 2021.  

* If you already paid with a check, please contact Treasurer Nancy Shutts and let her know whether or not you want your check back or if you want her to destroy it.  All cash payments will be returned to those who paid by cash.  Email Nancy @ shuttsie123@gmail. com

Tell us how we are doing

Start 2021 by getting more involved in your Club.  Even though we are still adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, it doesn't mean you can't become more active in your Club.  Join a committee, provide ideas and recommendations to Board and Committee chairs or just share  your opinions with us.  We want to hear from you!  To contact your Board or Committee Chairs, click on the "Home" page from the horizontal menu, then select "Board Members" on the right-hand margin.      

Wear a mask during pandemic

* During the pandemic, we continue to be open.  Masks are not required during play, but please wear a mask coming and upon leaving the courts. 

* It may be a good idea to bring along water also so you can hydrate during play.  Please remembers that our courts are for Tennis Club members ONLY during club time. 

* Club time for both Liberty courts and Anthem Courts #3-8, Mon-Sat from 6 – 10 AM.  SCA residents in good standing may use the courts outside of Club time. 

* During the pandemic, NO GUESTS are allowed on any of the courts at any time. 

*  Remember to carry you SCA resident ID card with you to the courts as you may be asked to identify yourself.

Any Club member NOT receiving club emails, please contact Membership Chair June S. at to update/verify your current email address.