Guest Policies for SCA Tennis Club and Tennis Courts




Resident = holder of a valid Sun City Anthem (SCA) activity card


Non-resident = no valid SCA activity card (even if a person lives in SCA, and even if they own a home in SCA, if they do not hold a valid activity card, they are considered non-residents for purposes of SCA guest polices)


Eligible resident guest = holder of a valid SCA activity card who is not already a member of the club and is permitted to attend club functions a maximum of 5 times per year and must then become a  member to continue to attend club functions.  The club should be keeping track of these folks. This category is for a new resident to explore whether or not they want to join the club. It is not intended for previous club members who have dropped their club membership.


Non-Eligible guest = does not qualify for club membership because they are non-residents by definition above. They must be accompanied by a club member at all times, and may not attend more than 5 functions per year. They may be charged a fee. The club should be keeping track of these folks.


Club Time – 6am – 10 am Monday through Saturday on courts 3-8 at Anthem Center and courts 3 & 6 at Liberty Center. Note that the definition of Club Time includes the times, days and court numbers. Non-eligible guests are not permitted on club courts during Club time. This is because the courts are so heavily in demand during these prime hours by club members or prospective club members.  Eligible resident guests are permitted so that they can determine whether or not they wish to join the club.


Court 1 at Liberty – used by the Association-hired tennis pro who has claim on this court at certain hours determined by the Activities Department.


SCA Guest Policy – controls guests on all tennis courts at SCA EXCEPT during Club Time (see definition of Club Time above).  Residents are required to register their guests with the monitors at each Center before participation or play begins. Residents must show a valid SCA activity card when registering guests. Residents are to accompany their guests at all times and remain with them on the same court. A non-resident guest may participate in any activity on, or in, SCA facilities a maximum of 5 times per calendar quarter irrespective of resident host or activity. A resident host may bring a maximum of 3 guests at one time.  The reason for guest registration is so that these limits on the number of guest-visits per calendar quarter can be tracked.


Activity Cards – Holders of valid SCA activity cards must have their SCA cards with them at all times when using SCA facilities, including tennis courts.


General Association Rules Governing Tennis Court Usage and Sign-in Procedures – In addition the Facilities Usage Manual sections 3.11.3 and 3.13.4 govern sign-in procedures and time limits for play. These rules apply during all times on all courts, including club time. Specifically, if SCA residents are waiting: one hour of play, including warm-up, if two or three residents are on the court; 1.5 hours of play, including warm-up, if 4 or more residents are on the court.