Instructions


  1. It takes a minimum of four players to sign up and to ultimately claim a court for doubles when it becomes available.  Do not sign-in until all players are present, 4 players for doubles.  Late-comers for doubles do not increase the court time from 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours.  

  2. All Association members must sign-in at all times.  All players per court must be present to sign-in.  Courts may not be reserved in advance

  3. Sign-in by writing date, all player names, number of Association members and guests, court number, and time when starting play.

  4. If waiting for a court, sign-in only when all players are present to hold a waiting position.  Enter court number and time when a court is obtained.

  5. If time expires on multiple courts at the same time, bump courts on a first-sign-in-first-bump basis.  No bumping shall occur if there are open courts; an open court must be taken first.

  6. All Association members and their guests may use courts #1 and #2 (Anthem Courts) and courts #1 and #2 (Liberty Courts) during Club Time on a first come basis following the sign-in procedures.  During Club Time, club members should restrict use of these courts until all Club Courts are taken.

  7. Association members must accompany their guests.  Guests may not sign-in for a court.  Guests of Association members must be 14 years of age or older and must not inconvenience other Association members.

  8. If you have not signed-in, your court may be bumped at any time.

  9. To report any problems, call monitors:

              -- Anthem courts call Independence Center 702-614-5803

              -- Liberty courts call Liberty Center 702-638-5780


Tennis Court Usage Policy:

  1. Doubles players can hold a court for 1-1/2 hours when people are waiting.  Fewer players can only hold a court for 1 hour.

  2. The number of Association members playing determines allotted court time.  Guests are not included in determining the number of players or playing time.

  3. One Association member, even with guests, may not hold/use a court when 2 or more Association members are waiting for an available court.

  4. No distinction is made between play and practice.


Regularly Scheduled Tennis Club Time:

  1. Club Time is from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. year round Mon. through Sat.  Club Courts are all courts except for courts #1 and #2 (Anthem) and courts #4 and #5 (Liberty) which are open to all Association members every day.  Players should have their SCA Association Membership Card when playing on any court.  Monitors may ask for Membership Cards.

  2. Anyone, including guests, who is not a Tennis Club member is not allowed on Club Courts during Club Time.