SCA Tennis Courts

The tennis courts are constructed of a thick and durable acrylic. You must wear shoes with non-marking soles.  Additionally, disposal of all liquids should be made outside of the court area.


If playing tennis at night, the lights are on a separate timer for each court.  Try not to let the time expire since it takes about 15 minutes for them to recycle "on" again if they should shutdown.  Please do NOT turn off the lights when you leave.


For rainy days, court rollers and squeegees are in the Men’s Room.  A couple of brooms are located in the upper courts.


General Tennis Court Rules

Operating hours coincide with those posted in the Anthem Fitness Center.


All players must wear proper tennis attire and tennis shoes which do not leave black marks on the courts.


Food, drink, chewing gum and tobacco products are not allowed in the court area. Water in non-glass containers is permitted.  Pets are not permitted inside the tennis courts.


Except for Tennis Club and Association events, there are no court reservations. First-come, first-play policy is in effect with sign-up as described in the procedure below. No distinction is made between play or practice. If there are courts open that court must be taken first. You may only bump when the courts are full. When people are waiting for courts, time limits are as follows:


  • Singles play (2 or 3 players):  1-hour court time, including warm-up.

  • Doubles play (4 players):  1 ½ hours court time, including warm-up.


Number of Association members playing determines court time, not guests. Thus any court with a guest is restricted to a maximum of one hour of play.  


  • 4 or more Association members may use a court for 1 and ½ hours.

  • 2 or 3 Association members (with or without guests) may use a court for 1 hour.

  • 1 Association member (with or without guests) may not hold/use a court when 2 or more Association members (with or without guests) are waiting.


Courts are provided for Association members and their guests 14 years of age and older. Guests must be accompanied by Association members at all times. This arrangement must not inconvenience other Association members.


Sign-in procedures are in effect at all times; sign-in must include the names of all players and whether they are Association members or guests.  It takes a minimum of four players to sign up and to ultimately claim a court for doubles when it becomes available, and they must stay at the courts after they sign up for a court.  If no court is available when they sign up, to hold their place in line, they should indicate the date and the players’ names, but no court number. When a court becomes available, the total number of players, all names, the court number and the time should be added to the sign-in sheet.  If multiple courts become available at the same time, courts should be claimed on a first-sign-in-first-claim basis.

If you have not signed in, you may be bumped at any time if no other courts are available. One Association member may hold/use a court ONLY if no other Association members are waiting.  (A single Association member wanting to use the backboard on Court #1 may ask the players there to move to another empty court, and friendly players will usually oblige.)

To ensure compliance with Association rules, all tennis players are asked to have their current Association membership cards with them while using the courts.

Except during Club Time, League Play, Tournaments, Mixers and other special Tennis Club events, Court 1 at Liberty Center is designated as a teaching court for use by the Sun City Anthem designated Tennis Pro. 

Tennis Club Time


Club time at Anthem Courts is 6:00 am to 10:00 am year-round, Monday through Saturday, on courts #3 through 8. (Courts #1 and 2 must remain available to Association members, who may or may not be Tennis Club members.)  Club time at Liberty Courts is 6:00 am to 10:00 am year-round, Monday through Saturday, on courts #3 and 6.  (Courts #1 and 2 must remain available to Association members, who may or may not be Tennis Club members).  Newcomers are encouraged to contact SCATC Club President (see Spirit Magazine) to get information regarding finding potential tennis partners,  Association members who wish to investigate and explore the possibility of joining the Tennis Club may participate up to five (5) times in non-tournament play during club time before being required to join the Club. Guests who are not members of the Sun City Anthem Association are not allowed on Courts #3-8 (Anthem) or on Courts #3 and 6 (Liberty) during club time.  


Non-Club Time


During non-club time the courts are available to all Association members and their guests.  All courts are subject to sign-in procedures at all times.  All players should be signed in by name and identified as either Association members or guests to ensure compliance with community policies.  Guest policy requires that Association members accompany their guests, who must be at least 14 years old.  Guests must not inconvenience Association members.


See additional information under General Tennis Court Rules above re policies governing non-club time, sign-in procedures, guests, bumping, etc.